The Xploderz X-Ranger 1075

If you demand nothing by the very best long-range blaster on the market, you’ll want to get yourself the X-Ranger 1075. Your opponents will hardly know what’s hit them when you unleash the power that this blaster provides.

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A viewfinder ensures maximum aiming precision – and the detachable arm helps you to make a quick getaway when under pressure from enemy fire. Best of all – this awesome weapon is capable of shooting up to 85 feet!

The Xploderz X-Ranger 1075

The Awesome Xploderz X-Ranger 1075

The Xploderz X-Stormer 575

The mid-range Xploderz blaster is the X-Stormer 575 which is light enough to manoeuvre easily but powerful enough to shoot 75 feet.

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With 575 ready-to-fire rounds, you should have no problem out-blasting and out-lasting most opponents with this gun.

The Xploderz X-Stormer 575 Gun

The Awesome Xploderz X-Stormer 575

Xploderz Face Off 150

There a limit to how much fun you can have with just one Xploderz gun, which is why there’s an excellent starter pack called Face Off 150 that not only features two X-Blaster 75 weapons but also comes with two Ammo Clips which hold 75 rounds each.

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This is an ideal value pack for a friendly battle between two friends.

XPloderz Face Off 150 Twin Pack

XPloderz Face Off 150 Twin Pack - 2 x Ammo Clips and 2 x X-Blaster 75 Guns

The Xploderz X-Blaster 75

The X-Blaster 75 may be the smallest of the Xploderz guns, but this hand-held is no less exhilarating than its bigger counterparts. Capable of firing up to 50 feet, this gun is the perfect starter blaster for some outdoor shooting fun.

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Opt for the ultimate Face Off 150 battle pack and you’ll be the proud owner of two X-Blaster guns and additional ammo clips that are perfect for outdoor battles.

The Xploderz X-Blaster 75 Gun

The Awesome Xploderz X-Blaster 75

Xploderz Ammo Refill Pack 500

Xploderz Ammo Refill Pack 500

Xploderz Ammo Refill

When you can buy Xploderz ammo refills in boxes of 500 you really don’t need to worry if you get a bit carried away during a battle.

These non-toxic, mess-free, totally safe water-filled rounds are ready to use straight out of the box. Just transfer your new ammo into you Ammo Clip and slide it onto your blaster of choice.

The Xploderz Ammo Refill packs are suitable for use with any blaster in the range – and are guaranteed to remain solid until impact.

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Xploderz TV Advert

Watch the Xploderz TV commercial which was recently uploaded to YouTube.

Xploderz – Different UK and US Names

Don’t be confused by the different names given for US and UK Xploderz guns. You’ll be getting the same incredible blaster, it will just have a slightly different name and packaging.

  • XBlaster 200 (US) =  X-Blaster 75 (UK)
  • Face Off 400 (US) = Face Off 150 (UK)
  • XStormer 1000 (US) = X-Stormer 575 (UK)
  • XRanger 2000 (US) = X-Ranger 1075 (UK)
US Packaging for the Xstormer, Xblaster and Xranger guns

US Packaging for the Xstormer, Xblaster and Xranger guns

Xploderz Hailed One Of The Year’s Best New Toys

Toy Fair Logo

Toy Fair Logo

The organisers of London’s annual Toy Fair have voted Xploderz  as one of the top toys of 2011.

Alongside Hasbro’s Electronic Lightsaber and Zappie’s Light Strike, Xploderz was crowned one of the best toys in the role-play category. A fine endorsement indeed from the British Toy & Hobby Association.

An Introduction to Xploderz

Outgrown your foam dart guns? If so, gear up for the most awesome “big boys toys” on the market. Xploderz is an awesome series of guns from Character Options that blast water-infused rounds in rapid succession up to a staggering 85 feet.

Each Xploderz gun holds up to 75 rounds – and with extra refill cases containing 500 rounds that are all set and ready to go, get ready to enjoy some serious non-stop shooting action!

Official Xploderz Logo

The Official Xploderz Logo

If you prefer your toy guns to feel more like an arcade game than a paintballing challenge, then you probably want to check out another hotly-tipped shooting game called Light Strike.

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